Carbomer 980

Carbomer 980 is benzene free. It is resists bacterial attack and does not support mould growth. Also,carbomer 980 gives uniform viscosity performance.


Greena Carbomer 980 is a cross-linked polymer of acrylic acid that is a useful thickening, stabilizing, and suspending agent. This product is an extremely efficient rheology modifier capable of providing high viscosity and forms sparkling clear water or hydroalcoholic gels and creams. It is a white powder and forms a crystal clear gel. Carbomer 980 is used in a wide variety of cosmetic and toiletry applications.

. Benzene free
. Short flow rheology characteristics
. High viscosity at low concentrations
. Provides clarity and a high suspending ability

. Shampoos
. Skin fresher
. Hand Sanitizer
. Cleansing cream
. Hair, skin and moisturizing creams

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