Carbomer 940

Carbomer 940 is a white fluffy powder providing excellent adhesion, gelation, emulsification, thickening, suspension, film-forming and stabilization benefits.


Greena Carbomer 940 is a high molecular weight cross-linked polymers of acrylic acid. It is used as a viscosity enhancer, gelling agent, or suspension agent. Carbomer 940 is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and household industries. Typical uses of this product are as a stabilizing polymer in oil-in-water emulsions, as a suspending agent in shampoos and other surfactant systems, and as a thickening agent in hair gels.

Carbomer 940 is soluble in water, alcohols, and glycols. Before neutralization, the pH of solution lies between 2.5 and 3.0. our carbomer 940 was manufactured, packaged, and stored under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).

. Thickening efficiency-High viscosity at low concentration
. Excellent emulsifying, dispersing and suspending power
. Perfect spreadability and pleasant touch of films on the skin
. Temperature stability -There is no significant effect of temperature on polymer
. Compatibility with most substances used in cosmetic and dermo-pharmaceutical products

. Shampoos
. Toothpaste
. Skin fresher
. Hand Sanitizer
. Cleansing cream
. Aftershave lotions
. Shaving and sunscreen creams
. Pharmaceutical gels & ointment
. Hair, skin and moisturizing creams

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