Our Products

Carbomer Gel

Carbomer gel is a gel containing acrylic polymer which is a transparent paste.It is an efficient water-soluble rheological modified thickener with excellent stability.

Carbomer Solution

Carbomer solution which designed to suspend, stabilise, thicken and enhance the appearance of surfactant based cosmetic and house hold formulations.

Carbomer 980

Carbomer 980 is benzene free. It is resists bacterial attack and does not support mould growth. Also,carbomer 980 gives uniform viscosity performance.

Carbomer 940

Carbomer 940 is a white fluffy powder providing excellent adhesion, gelation, emulsification, thickening, suspension, film-forming and stabilization benefits.

Hanfangchin Extract

Hanfangchin Extract is extracted from the dried root of hanfangchin.Hanfangchin is native to the China.