Pineapple Powder

Product name:Pineapple powder
Origin:Hainan province
Part used:Fruit
Brief Introduction
Pineapple is one of the tropical fruit, native to Brazil, Paraguay etc in the amazon river.In the 16th century,the pineapple from Brazil to China.
Pineapple fruits are rich nutrition ingredients, containing a lot of fructose, glucose, vitamin B, C, phosphorus, citric acid and protease and other substances.

Product Description
Product name:Pineapple powder
Latin name:Ananas comosus (Linn.) Merr.
Part of use:Fruit
Ingredient:92% natural pineapple
Color:Light yellow
Odor:odor of fresh pineapple
Total plate count:<1000CFU/g

Good solubility

Advanced spray drying technology

Keep fresh nutrients and pure pineapple flavor

No preservatives,No essence,No synthetic pigment
●Promote blood circulation, prevent fat deposition;
●Bromelain can effectively break down proteins in food and increase gastrointestinal motility;
●Pineapple contain sugar, enzymes which has a diuretic effect.Also it’s good for nephritis and high blood pressure;
●Promote digestion, relieve constipation, eliminate fatigue.

●Snack food,ice cream,jelly,candy,pudding;
●Beverage industry,like instant solid beverage;
●Health care food,pharmaceutical industry;
●Baby food,dairy products;
●Baking ingredient,bread and biscuits;
●Direct drinking:dissolve 10g of pineapple powder directly into 150-200ml warm water.

Advantage & Support
●Leading natural active ingredients supplier in China with 10 years experience.
●Own green and environmentally friendly planting base in China.
●Adhere the concept of “Safe, GMO Free, Green,Clean, Organic”
●ISO9001, QS, Kosher, Halal certified.
●Professional R&D team and strong cooperation relationship with several university.

Packing & Storage
Packing with fiber drum, 5kg/carton or 25 kg/drum,or as customer required.
Stored in a cool, dry and dark place, shelf life 24 months.

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