Balsam Pear Powder

Product name:Balsam pear powder
Origin:Hainan province
Part used:Fruit
Brief Introduction
Balsam pear, known as bitter melon, momordica charantia,bitter gourd, bitter squash, is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae, widely grown in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean for its edible fruit.Bitter melon has been used in various Asian and African herbal medicine systems for a long time.It has used as claimed treatments for diabetes,cough, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and so on.

Product Description
Product name:Balsam pear powder
Latin name:Momordica charantia L.
Part of use:Fruit
Ingredient:92% natural balsam pear
Color:Light green
Odor:odor of fresh balsam pear
Total plate count:<1000CFU/g

●100% water-soluble;
●Advanced spray drying technology process;
●Keep fresh nutrients and pure balsam pear flavor;
●No preservatives,No essence,No synthetic pigment.

●Fights cancer;
●Enhance immunity;
●Balsam pears can aid in weight loss;
●Help with the healing of wounds and promotes the regeneration of skin;
●Balsam pears can improve the appetite and digestion, as well as relieving gastric disorders and constipation.

●Baby food,dairy products;
●Baking ingredient,bread and biscuits;
●Snack food,ice cream,jelly,candy,pudding;
●Health care food,pharmaceutical industry;
●Beverage industry,like instant solid beverage;
●Direct drinking:dissolve 10g of balsam pear powder directly into 200-250ml warm water.

Advantage & Support
●Leading natural active ingredients supplier in China with 10 years experience.
●Own green and environmentally friendly planting base in China.
●Adhere the concept of “Safe, GMO Free, Green,Clean, Organic”
●ISO9001, QS, Kosher, Halal certified.
●Professional R&D team and strong cooperation relationship with several university.

Packing & Storage
Packing with fiber drum, 5kg/carton or 25 kg/drum,or as customer required.
Stored in a cool, dry and dark place, shelf life 24 months.

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