Marigold planting base

Marigold is a kind of herbaceous plant which belongs to tagetes, an annual plant and it is native to Mexico. The extraction to lutein from marigold flower is widely used to food, pharmaceuticals, feeding, cosmetic industries etc.

In food industry, lutein is as a nature colorant which can increase the brightness of food. Lutein ointment can add to forage which is pro oil class. At the same time, it makes eggs more nutrition. The study shows that marigold not only can be used to forage additive, but also have function of protecting eyesight and preventing hardening of the arteries, antioxidant, anticancer etc. In recent years, lutein is of unique physiological function, more and more people pay great attention on it. Nowadays, it is become one of hot spot of function food ingredients in the world.

China cultivated marigold since 1998. Now,marigold has become one of main commercial crop for local farmer after ten years’ development. Xi’an Greena Biotech Co.,Ltd has reached an agreement on planting with local farmers. Greena offers seed and technical support,then purchase the marigold flower when the harvest season is coming. Greena has a strict standard of planting, such as use organic fertilizer, organic pesticide and control the plant diseases and insect pests. Though such way, it can ensure the raw material quality which is low pesticide residues, low heavy metal. Our plantings adhere to be green, organic and sustainable. Moreover, it have been a great success in some planting base. Greena has 20 acres’ planting base in southwest of China until now. There have sufficient sunlight and clear water. It is also far away from city, less environmental pollution, which is good for marigold growth.

The flowers of marigold planted by us contain 17-18 g lutein per kilogram. The flowers of marigold planted in Northeast contain 13-15 g lutein per kilogram. The least region just have 8-10 g lutein per kilogram in dried flower of marigold. Our marigold quality is the best in China.

Moreover, southwest of China is suitable to planting marigold; our marigold flowers have  characteristics of high production and high output per unit acre. Our marigold output is as high as more than 13000 kilograms per acre, an average of more than 12000 kilograms. However, In northeast, average area yield is 10000 kilograms. In Mexico, the average output is only 5400 kg, as the good quality,our marigold product can used to food industry and the competitive production cost. Our marigold has advantage of strong market competition.